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20 Years of Ishar 2002 – 2003

Challenge Your Arthritis

A six–week project conducted during August – September 2002. The program was developed by Arthritis Foundation of WA

Understanding Asthma and its Management

A 3-month project was funded by the Asthma Foundation of Western Australia.

Use of Medicines Project

A 2-month project funded by the National Prescribing Service (NPS) Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) Community Grant Scheme.

Lifting the Lid on Bowel Health

Healthy bowel project – A six week project developed by the Cancer Foundation of WA and conducted at Ishar from May – June 2003.

Perceptions of Peace

A calendar project aimed to bring together youth from refugee communities, to express their perception of world peace through drawing and painting, funded by Save the Children’s Fund and conducted at Ishar in 2003.

Negative Effects of Stereotyping on CaLD Carers

A videotaped discussion presented by Ishar and funded by the Office of Women’s Policy.

Jobs, Education and Training (JET) Program

A program promoted from Ishar to migrant and refugee communities to assist migrant and refugee communities in understanding the support available from JET and encouraging them to access the program.

The Story of AUSTRALIA

A project aiming to involve children and women from CaLD backgrounds to create a resource of benefit to the wider community by providing an insight into the folklore of CaLD communities and an understanding of how all are united in diversity. Funded by Save the Children Fund.

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