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Health Services

Ishar Health Services are funded by the National Women’s Health Program, directed through the Department of Health.  This funding enables Ishar to offer a Clinical Service, a Multicultural Counselling Service, Health Education/Health Promotion Services and an Information and Referral Service.

Clinical Service

  • A Well Women’s Health Clinic addressing women’s health issues incorporating an pregnancy clinic, coordinated by a female GP and midwife.
  • A physiotherapy clinic providing individual consultations and physical activity sessions coordinated by a female physiotherapist.

Pregnant / Having a Baby

  • Antenatal care (checking your (and your baby’s) health when pregnant) with a female doctor and female midwife.  Self-referral can be made, and you do not need to have seen a doctor or had any tests done.  Appointments are one hour long allowing time for education as well as clinical antenatal care.
  • Childbirth education on a one to one basis explaining about pregnancy, diet, giving birth, pain relief, breastfeeding and early parenting.
  • A tour of Osborne Park Hospital (with an interpreter if needed) can be arranged for women booked to give birth there and who have had antenatal care or childbirth education at Ishar.
  • A postnatal home visit will be provided after your baby is born if antenatal care or childbirth education has been given at Ishar.

For Mums with babies under 9 months old?

Have Fun Being a Mum group.  Held on a Tuesday at 10.15 – 12.00 hours.  Open to all mums with babies under 9 months of age.  A different topic to do with parenting and self-care is discussed each week.

Multicultural Counselling Service

  • An individual counselling service provided by a female registered psychologist.
  • Psycho-education / therapeutic groups

Health Education/Health Promotion Services

  • Implementation of programs for specific cultural communities which aim to enhance health awareness and health behaviours
  • Integration of health education into all programs offered by Ishar
  • Promotion of health related information through in-house and/or community displays
  • Participation in community cultural events to promote women’s health issues
  • Partnership with other organisations in implementing one-day seminars or workshops for community women and/or health professionals
  • Provision of cross cultural awareness information sessions to health professionals.

Perinatal Support Program

This project is funded by the State Perinatal Mental Health Unit. Culturally and linguistically diverse women who are pregnant or have children under 3 years of age are invited or referred to this innovative, informative program. The women meet weekly at Ishar for a 6 week program to learn new life skills, share existing skills and have fun. Creche facilities are provided.

There are a number of 6-week sessions run annually.

Home Visiting Program

This project is funded by the State Perinatal Mental Health Unit and coordinated by a Social Worker who provides a home-visiting service for women who are pregnant or have children under 3 years of age, and are at risk, or experiencing post-natal depression.

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