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Antenatal (Pregnant / Having a Baby)

  • Antenatal care (checking your (and your baby’s) health when pregnant) with a female doctor and female midwife.  Self-referral can be made, and you do not need to have seen a doctor or had any tests done.  Appointments are one hour long allowing time for education as well as clinical antenatal care.
  • Childbirth education on a one to one basis explaining about pregnancy, diet, giving birth, pain relief, breastfeeding and early parenting.
  • A tour of Osborne Park Hospital (with an interpreter if needed) can be arranged for women booked to give birth there and who have had antenatal care or childbirth education at Ishar.
  • A postnatal home visit will be provided after your baby is born if antenatal care or childbirth education has been given at Ishar.

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