Refugee and migrant women in Australia often face barriers such as language, racism, non-recognition of skills, lack of education, social isolation, and an absence of social and community networks. This results in loneliness, mental health issues, and difficulty finding employment.

 Ishar has partnered with Curtin University for “Empower”. The project, led by Professor Jaya Dantas, aims to reduce social isolation, improve psychosocial wellbeing, and increase knowledge of work rights and entitlements in refugee and migrant women. The peer-mentoring intervention program will take place over three years, with 10 mentors to around 70 refugee women.

Through the program, women will build resilience, confidence, and self-esteem, improving their health and wellbeing, job seeking and entrepreneur skills, and knowledge of their work rights.

The peer-mentoring intervention program has the potential to be translational and may be used by other organisations that work with vulnerable and marginalised groups.