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As we welcome 2018 , I would like to wish all our stakeholders a very happy and prosperous 2018. This is an important year for Ishar as we will be reapplying for several of our core services, and we sincerely ask all our stakeholders to extend their cooperation to us so that we may continue to deliver much needed services in this area.
Responding to tenders and applying for grants are always time consuming processes fraught with anxiety for staff as these jobs are a main source of their livelihood. However as always staff will ensure all programs run smoothly so that our clients will receive timely services with no disruption.
This term we have our usual suite of service on offer and in response to clients’ needs we will be moving the exercise classes over to the Herb Graham Centre so that more women can access the classes, and to allow for the provision of crèche facilities to enable women with young children to access the classes.
As we have been successful in obtaining a small grant from the Department for Infrastructure and Regional Development we will be undertaking some improvement work for the clinical services and purchasing new exercise equipment.
In addition to delivering services Ishar has always been involved in contributing towards future workforce development and with this in mind during the first term of 2018 Ishar will be hosting two Social Work Masters students on placement from February.
In closing I would like to invite all our stakeholders to feel free to please write to me with any ideas or requests you may have for new services or improvements to existing services.
Wishing you a healthy 2018!
Andrea Creado



Due to a high level of demand for low cost, culturally appropriate Psychological Services, we are pleased to announce the expansion of our service in 2018. Susannah Shields is an experienced Clinical Psychologist who works from a place of warmth and non-judgement to create a safe environment from which clients can collaboratively explore life’s challenges. Susannah and Dr Bernadette Wright will be available to see clients 3 days a week under a GP Mental Health Care Plan. These services will be bulk billed and clients will have no out of pocket expenses. Dr Carol Kaplanian will continue to offer counselling services one day a week at the low cost of $10. As with all referrals to Ishar please indicate if an interpreter is required.



Ishar is pleased to announce we have teamed up with Sexual Health Quarters WA and are now offering a free female counselling service. Women will be able to discuss any issues related to their sexual or reproductive health, including but not limited to; sexuality, sexual orientation, unplanned pregnancy, safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases, post-termination support, grief following miscarriage, sexual consent, and sexual assault.
Sessions are 1 hour and available on Wednesday afternoons.
Please note – this service does not cover postnatal depression.



As of 1st December 2017, the Pap Smear has changed in Australia. It is now called the Cervical Screen. It is still obtained the same way but a more thorough test. The latest medical research shows it is safe to have the new test every 5 years instead of every 2 years. The recommended age to commence testing has also increased from 18 years to 25 years. If you are a woman aged 25-74 who has had sex, you should have the cervical screening test. If your result is normal, the test should be repeated in 5 years.
The procedure is still the same and can be slightly uncomfortable but should not be painful.
Please note, the test only checks for cervical cancers, not any other gynaecological cancers. If you have anything that seems even slightly abnormal or off, particularly unusual bleeding, please see your doctor. Please also remember, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) are not covered in the cervical screen test. For more information, please see our Nurse or Doctor at Ishar.
Our Nurse, Lana, is now available to perform cervical screens, breast checks and offer contraceptive advice. Her clinics run on Thursdays from 9am – 4pm.



The exercise and yoga programs offered by Ishar are a popular part of our services, offered on Friday mornings during school term. From February 2018 classes will be held at Herb Graham Recreation Centre next to the Neighbourhood Mothers Program. This will mean more space so that more women can join the fun and mothers will be able to take advantage of the childcare facilities.



Ishar has received funding from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries to develop an exercise program for older women and those with disabilities or chronic disease. This program will be run by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who will design individual exercise programs for women who find it difficult to exercise regularly. This program is targeted at high need women who are not able to join our regular Friday morning exercise program due to health reasons.



On the 6th of December 2017, Ishar was delighted to be one of the selected organisations to receive complimentary tickets to a Community Performance of Peter Pan by the West Australian Ballet Company. 60 Ishar clients were invited to attend. All of the attendees reported great appreciation for the performance and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Many of the participants would not be able to afford such an event and for some it was a new cultural experience. Our sincere thanks to all the supporting organisations who made this incredible event possible.



The Neighbourhood Mothers Program has been providing newly arrived women and children with a place to make friendships, learn and share experiences. Thanks is given to Manager Debbie from Starting Over Support Assoc. Inc. who chose Ishar as a distributor of Christmas gifts from the community. Our families were very appreciative. Our gratitude is given to Janine Freeman MLA Member for Mirrabooka and Frank Pelusey representing St Vincent DePaul’s Society for their friendship and generosity to provide 2 buses for an outing. On the 10/12/2017, 112 women and children enjoyed a picnic at the magnificent Kings Park grounds. It was a rare outing for some and for others it was another opportunity to enjoy good company, nature and the ever-changing city sights. Staff were helping with the lively and curious children as everyone was busy sharing cultural food with friends. Fifty teddy bears, individually dressed and holding a prayer message were given to the children from the year 7 Religious Education students at Iona Presentation College.
Together we make a difference, together we make things possible. We sincerely thank everyone for their community spirit and goodwill which extended through the many faiths and cultures that were represented on the day.



We are very excited to announce we have received a grant from Lotterywest to update our website and social media presence. These will be developed in the coming months and will increase accessibility to information, services and supports offered by Ishar, for clients and service providers alike. Watch this space.


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