Ishar Women’s Health Services Mirrabooka perinatal support services. My Perinatal Journey resource booklet for help with post-natal depression and other perinatal mental health struggles.

“My Perinatal Journey” aims to offer support and information for women experiencing mental health issues after childbirth. Ishar developed a resource booklet, funded by the Mental Health Commission, for perinatal women from CaLD backgrounds, by women of CaLD backgrounds. Nine women and three of their husbands, who had been provided perinatal mental health services and support through Ishar, described their experiences. The booklet shares their stories and the strategies and support that enabled them to manage their perinatal journeys and come out the other side stronger than ever. The booklet was launched in June 2015 and is being offered as a resource through service providers to CaLD women and their families who are at risk of, or experiencing post-natal depression. For many women hearing or reading the positive stories of other women from their culture, who have had similar experiences, can offer hope and encouragement in what often feels like an overwhelming and isolating situation.