“Photovoice” was created to raise awareness of the issues refugee women face. The project explored potential solutions to these issues and gave participating women a creative outlet and a chance to share their experiences. The project was funded by Healthway and conducted in collaboration with Curtin University from 2016-2017.

The women took part in small groups guided by a professional photographer in which they learned basic photography. They were then encouraged to take photos of things that were important or meaningful to them. In the small groups, the women discussed their photos and their experiences migrating to Australia. The women talked about the challenges and facilitators to their migration, and the recommendations they have for ways in which resettlement can be made easier.

The women described the experience as empowering and reported it having wellbeing benefits. Some women also found that they enjoyed learning a new skill and connecting with other women who understood their situation.

Their photos can be found in the booklet below, along with the captions they wrote for them. The booklet gives insight into the women's experiences, raises awareness of the challenges they faced, and discusses ways in which the lives of refugees can be made easier.