Your Money & Financial Wellbeing

Your Money & Financial Wellbeing booklet is a part of the Financial Literacy and Its Relationship to Health and Wellbeing Project, funded by Office of Multicultural Interests in 2018.

Ishar developed a program of workshops focussing on the importance of financial literacy as an integral component of physical, mental and social health and wellbeing. A series of highly interactive workshops are facilitated by a financial counsellor addressing banking, superannuation, taxation and loans. In order to continue delivery of financial literacy education beyond the life of this project Your Money & Financial Wellbeing illustrated booklet was developed. This booklet is available in print and electronic form in English.

The booklet will be translated in three languages Arabic, Farsi and Vietnamese by end of June 2019 in print and electronic form to facilitate wider access to the information.

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Empowerment and Health Promotion of Women:   The Photovoice Project 2016-2017

This project was conducted by Professor Jaya Dantas & Anita Lumbus from Curtin University. The participants were able to:

  • Learn photography in a small group with a professional photographer
  • Share stories of resettlement in Australia through their photos
  • Exhibit the chosen photos in a community exhibition
  • Have a voice on the needs of humanitarian entrant women beginning a new life in Western Australia

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My Perinatal Journey Booklet 2015

The Mental Health Commission funded the development of a resource booklet for perinatal women from CaLD backgrounds. Nine women and three of their husbands, who had been provided perinatal mental health services and support through Ishar, were interviewed about their experiences. This booklet outlines the strategies and support that enabled them to manage their perinatal journeys. The booklet was launched in June 2015 and is being offered as a resource through service providers to CaLD women and their families who are at risk of, or experiencing post-natal depression. For many women hearing or reading the positive stories of other women from their culture, who have had similar experiences, can offer hope and encouragement in what often feels like an overwhelming and isolating situation.

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Women under Blue Skies : Past, Present and FutureProject 2013-2014

The book titled “Women under Blue Skies”, final product of the “Past, Present and Future” Project, was launched on the 4th June 2014, by the Hon Liz Behjat MLC, Member for the North Metropolitan Region. The book, containing reflections and stories of migration and settlement from women of Middle Eastern, Asian, African and European origin, was the result of a 12-month project spanning 2013 and 2014.

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An exploration and celebration of weddings, Svadba means ‘wedding’ in the Macedonian language.  This Project was managed and coordinated by Violeta Sukoski , supported by Joy Montague and Ong, Huynh Thanh – Wynne and Funded by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. The aim for this project was to provide a place of acceptance, understanding and harmony between cultures, to encourage women to share and demonstrate their cultural customs, values and traditional wedding celebrations. To emphasise the similarities and increase our appreciation of wedding practices across all cultures. To discourage prejudice and to promote open mindedness within the community help foster pride in following our traditional ways. Over a period of 11 months, wedding traditions were discussed. The workshops brought families from old and new eras of migration together. Participants staged a mock wedding ceremony, a demonstration of traditional dress, and sampling of traditional food. Documentation of various multicultural weddings were collected and these activities culminated into the Svadba DVD, which can be view on YouTube.

As a result of the participants’ interests the activities of the project were extended and the participants designed a “Multi-National Wedding Dress” which was modelled on the Ishar’s Celebration by Iva Arapovic. The white wedding dress was symbolic of the similarity and modernism of today’s brides, regardless which culture they originate from. The Wedding ensemble, comprising of a dress and coat, was designed and worked on by Wynne, and separate embroidered and beaded panels were completed by the community women. Each feature and panel of the dress reflects a different country’s traditions. The panel that represents Australia was worked in by all the participants. The Svadba Project successfully enabled women to come together to appreciate each other’s traditions, culture and craft as well as celebrate being Australian.

Settling In- Dance Drama -2013

Funded by Lotterywest

This project was managed by Violeta Sukoski, coordinated by Marina Suleski Choreographed by Anne Sorenson and supported by community women Mariana Cuza, Alina Cuza ,Helen Arrow, Shahla Haidari, Mona Salim, Zarifeh Motiee ,Jessica Bower, Ristana Stavreska ,Marie Terez Hamoir and students who supported and participated the project Hannah Sorenson -Composer ,Claudia Cortes Selam Gebre, Elena Walker and Nasim Khamseh.

A theatrical interpretation of the experiences and feelings of migrant women as they settle into a new land. This dance drama has been created collaboratively by the women on stage and backstage, through a series of weekly drama workshops held at Ishar. The stories, dances, words and songs of these women have grown into a performance that was performed at the 21st Celebration of Ishar. The women dance to show how they are motivated by similar hopes and dreams in coming to Australia.They share their cultural experiences in the Australian community, and laugh as they remember their interpretations of Australian colloquialisms, and stories of the generosity, support, and hospitality of people in Australia. The women participating agreed that Ishar was a place that played a major role in helping them to feel more settled in this country.  This is reflected through performance of events, activities and relationships which Ishar offers each woman.  Details can be viewed on

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