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Ishar Multicultural Women’s Health Services provides a range of holistic services to women from all walks of life and cultural background. Ishar is a LGBTQI friendly service and welcomes women of any sexual orientation, anyone who identifies as a woman and anyone who was assigned female identity at birth.

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Ishar was established in 1992 under the national women’s health strategy.

Clients are mainly women from 20-70, with low English language skills, usually receiving Centrelink benefits.

Each year Ishar services approximately 5000 women from over 80 ethnicities making over 30,000 service contacts.



Contact Services per annum

Ishar provides an average of 5000 contact services per annum to…



Cald Women

an average of 300+ culturally and linguistically diverse women from..



ethnic backgrounds

over 80 ethnic backgrounds.


I heard about Ishar by word of mouth. When I started coming to Ishar programs, I found it very beneficial. It helped me to cope with my depression. I met many women from different countries and made friends. I have fun here and they invite guest speakers to give information on different topics. There are qualified creche workers at Ishar who help children to learn and make friends. Staff are very friendly and helpful. I love coming to Ishar.


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From participating in activities and groups to making a donation online, there are many opportunities to get involved with Ishar. Click on the links below or get in contact with us to learn more about all the ways you can support our mission. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Ishar’s free membership allows you to be notified about upcoming events and projects, have access to health information, and to vote in Annual or Special General Meetings.

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Ishar relies on the support of volunteers and offers a range of positions suited to a variety of skill sets. Please sign up or contact us if you are interested in learning more.

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As a not for profit organisation, Ishar relies on donations from the Western Australian community. All donations, great or small, are greatly appreciated and are put to good use.