Our History

Ishar was established in 1992 under the national women’s health strategy.

Ishar has provided vital services for approximately 4600 women from over 80 ethnicities making over 50,000 service contacts.

Our Mission

To provide inclusive, holistic and culturally sensitive services for women and their families promoting healthy communities.

Ishar Domestic Violence Support and Counselling

"Ishar for me same like as new house. Yeah, two house. Another house in my life. One house my mum house, another house Ishar"

— Anonymous, Domestic Violence Support Group


Our Values

  • Work ethically and reflectively

  • Support and nurture each other

  • Value innovation

  • Work with passion and dedication.

  • Celebrate diversity

  • Work in partnership

  • Encourage participation and the building of capacity

  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect